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New Forest Advisory provides high quality advice to small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profits on structuring, commercial contracts, governance and dispute resolution.

The law can appear daunting and impenetrable – we aim to de-mystify and clarify, empowering our clients to find the right way forward for them and their organisation.

Building relationships

We build close relationships with our clients, who value our ability to listen, our practical advice and our commitment to helping them achieve their goals.

We also aim to help our clients build sound relationships, both within and beyond their organisational boundaries.

Who We Work With

We work mainly with SMEs, start-ups and social enterprises. We enjoy working with small but ambitious organisations who bring passion and feeling to their work.

Our services are provided by a former solicitor, with more than 25 years experience of advising organisations in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors, and by a range of talented collaborators.


You can Expect us to

  • engage wholeheartedly – to bring all of ourselves to bear on an issue, and to stay until the job is done.
  • speak directly and truthfully – we don’t believe in hiding things or making things more complicated than they need to be.
  • look for win-win – to seek solutions, often not the obvious ones, that meet multiple needs and take into account interests of all affected parties.
  • work with humour and humility.


• drafting an investment agreement for a social enterprise raising impact investment;
• advising on and implementing the right legal structure for a “teal” company that believes in horizontal organising;
• reviewing the governance structure for a trans-national network ;
• turning a complex and wordy contract into something fit for a human being to read!

      • reviewing and revising the governance structure of a trans-national humanitarian network:
      • helping a consulting firm convert to being owned by its associates
      • working with a start-up business on its legal and governance structure;
      • preparing an information memorandum for a business looking to raise funding;


Patrick has been involved in bringing Riversimple’s novel multi-stakeholder governance model to life for a decade now, working through the inevitable complexity to get to the simplicity beyond.

Hugo SpowersFounder, Riversimple

Patrick has that rare blend of legal acumen and the ability to mediate complex disputes, bringing a human dimension to successfully reach amicable solutions. He’s a true leader and change maker.

Benita MatofskaCEO, Compare and Share Ltd

There are many who demand of our time and energy but only a precious few who, by their presence and counsel, provide us with the support and energy that we need in order to succeed. Patrick Andrews is one of the few.

Tim GoughPartner, Forum Architecture


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