Patrick is a lawyer and facilitator who founded New Forest Advisory in 2013.  He works with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as a number of not-for-profits, helping them navigate the law and to devise legal structures and processes that work with the grain of human nature. He is also a skilled facilitator, working with boards, teams and diverse groups to help them access their collective intelligence.

His clients come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a start-up developing a “Library of Things” to an ambitious company developing a new, energy-efficient hydrogen car.  He has a particular strength in governance and an interest in employee and stakeholder ownership.

Patrick has a background as an international corporate lawyer. He qualified as a solicitor in 1988 in the City of London and then was employed as a lawyer and project manager by large companies in the UK and overseas. His career spanned diverse sectors including aerospace, property, retail and high tech manufacturing. He helped establish one of the first aerospace joint ventures in Russia after the break-up of the Soviet Union, and a pioneering retail joint venture in Chain in 2000.

Patrick has served as a director of a number of companies and not-for-profits. He is currently on the board of education charity SPUD.

He is a visiting lecturer at Imperial College, London. Patrick lives in the New Forest National Park, with his wife and son.

Patrick says: “In my career, as well as many highs, I have experienced failure, redundancy, insolvency of a company I was on the board of and all the usual ups and downs of organisational life. This enables me to empathise with people facing the daily challenge of running an organisation and to help them through tough times.”



Rhiannon is an independent lawyer, consultant and facilitator. Her clients tend to be individuals, small businesses and NGOs. She aims to draft values-based contracts in plain English, which seek to build relationships, rather than focusing on the end of a relationship. These contracts use the parties’ joint goals, vision and values as their starting point.

Rhiannon worked as a legal academic for seven years, after completing her practical legal training in a traditional commercial firm. After leaving academia, she set up her own law firm in South Africa, before moving to the UK to practice as an independent legal adviser. Her practice has become steadily more holistic, responding to her feeling that the traditional legal approach lacks a ‘human aspect. She belongs to the global Integrative Law movement.

She also facilitates workshops and provides mediation and alternative dispute resolution. She is currently completing an Advanced Certificate in Life Coaching.

Rhiannon, together with her partner and their two children, lives in a village in Oxfordshire where she loves taking long walks in nature. She relocated there from her home town, Cape Town in South Africa.

Rhiannon says:  “One of my professional aims is to align my work with my values. Because I value integrity I bring my full self to work and believe that by being authentic in what I do I inspire others to do the same. Relationships are extremely important to me and I use my legal and other skills to build and strengthen these. I believe that by working collaboratively across disciplines and skill-sets one can get more holistic outcomes.”